Solr consulting services

Client testimonials

Kelvin is an extremely productive thinker with deep domain knowledge in search technology. His swiftness, combined with a commitment to complete tasks on a very short deadline ensured that our project was accelerated by months. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone undergoing a project related to search technology.
Niki Scevak, Founder and CEO

How I can help

My involvement with clients as a Solr consultant generally revolves around:

  • Translating business requirements into a Solr implementation
  • Improving performance and scalability of an existing Solr implementation
  • Tuning relevance ranking
  • Mentoring and training in Solr
  • Architecting the search stack
  • Custom Solr plugins, like SearchComponents, FunctionQueries and RequestHandlers, etc
  • Other custom Solr search requirements

I can either work on an hourly basis, or fixed-price/scope. I usually start with a fixed-price bid to build trust, then move on to an hourly basis from there.

Think we might be able to work together?

If you have a project which could use some help, drop me a line at or find out more about my Solr consulting services.